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For Reflection, Marzia takes a quiet look at England and the "beauty of simple things."


When the UK's first lockdown ended, illustrator Marzia Kjellberg decided to rent a van and drive across England. "For the first time, I took notice of what England has to offer, driving across cities I've never seen before," the artist reflects. It is these very British travels that culminated in Reflection - a new print mini-series journeying into lesser-known England.

Reflection comes hot on the heels of our first print collab with Marzia earlier this year. Although we're still reeling from her last joyous creations, we couldn't wait to see what the artist would dream up next. Last time, the Brighton-based illustrator-ceramicist took us on a globe-trotting tour of her favourite travel destinations. So, it seems all the more apt for Reflection to explore the other side of the coin. 

"I've lived in the UK for eight years, yet England was never the focus for me," the artist told us. "I was ready to leave earlier this year, but lockdown forced a stay that I spent mostly indoors, away from my family as well as the places I longed to see." For Marzia, the most unexpected part of being homebound was how confinement gave way to self-reflection, exploration, and a newfound appreciation for England. It was after this that Marzia began working on Reflection, inspired to celebrate some of the humble hallmarks of her home.

Marzia's work culminated in a three-print range, depicting three personal settings with warmth and whimsy. The first print of the series, titled View from Home, reimagines a window view of Marzia's rainy rural street - with mountains added in the distance. The next captures Marzia's favourite spot in Kew Gardens - where she was married last year. Both scenes are peppered with the kind of charming, comforting details you might find in a Ghibli creation. Look closely, and you'll spot hidden touches, like a pumpkin left out on a doorstep or a line of evaporating chimney smoke. 

Last, but certainly not least in the collection, Flowers by the Window is inspired by the moments Marzia finds herself "stopping on the sidewalk to admire someone's window, even if just for a brief moment," she explained to us. "To complete this series dedicated to my time in England, I couldn't think of anything more fitting than a simple but lovely subject: yellow bricks and flowers." 

Delivering nothing less than the atmospheric serenity Marzia always manages to summon from a place, we couldn't be more obsessed with these cozy depictions of England. Reflection - featured in full below and available to purchase now from Evermade - reminds us of the joys of staying home. 

View from Home by Marzia

The Waterlily House by Marzia

Flowers by the Window by Marzia


Reflection is now available for purchase in two sizes and editions, exclusively at Evermade.

You can find more of Marzia's joyous designs - and ceramic creations - here.



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