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Designer Milla Ódor wants her abstract work to look "tangible and yummy."


Striking a balance between abstract and realistic can be a tall order, but it's a realm 3D artist and designer Milla Ódor inhabits comfortably.

Ódor is based between New York and Budapest, and while she's been delving into 3D creation since the beginning of 2020, her origins in design and branding began five years earlier working at RTL - the biggest television station in Hungary. Since then, the artist has taken on the world of freelance, sparking a flurry of design exploration.

Today, Milla is experimenting daily. Undeterred by inner expectations of perfection, Milla is instead creating freely, endlessly inspired by "people, nature, and her surroundings." The pay-off is work that ranges from 3D models of beauty packaging to typography to abstract dreamscapes. But what we have a real soft spot for is her use of texture. If you're one for glossy surfaces or squishy shapes, Milla's work is the kind you'll want to reach out and touch. And now, in a strange way, you can - or at least get a bit closer. In collaboration with Evermade, Ódor is launching a new range of five soft-focus prints, made for lowering stress levels. 

In light of her relaxing release, we thought we'd sit down with the designer to chat about how she's been staying calm and creative during 2020 - and uncover a few of her design programme secrets while we're at it.

Talk us through one of your favourite recent projects. 

I’ve always been into beauty and packaging. Besides abstract design, I recently started making 3D models of beauty products and I’m loving that I can just play with the textures and positioning, creating something dreamy, yet realistic!

Currently, I’m working on a branding project with my designer friend, Yurie Takashima whom I connected with over on Instagram. Stay tuned!

When did you first fall in love with 3D design?

I started teaching myself 3D earlier this year, when I took part in a lettering challenge called 36 Days of Type. I’m really happy with my progress and the reception so far. The things you can create in your PJ’s from home fascinates me!

How would you describe your design aesthetic in 5 words or less?

With the help of my kind followers, I managed to narrow it down to 4 words: clean, soft, elegant, playful (someone said abstract realism!)

What are your must-have design programmes? Any skills or mediums you’re hoping to explore in the future?

Blender for anything 3D, the holy trinity for graphic design related works (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), and I would love to deepen my motion design skills - for now I mainly have experience in After Effects.

"To me it’s about finding the perfect balance between “I don’t like this but it’ll do" and perfection."

A lot of the textures present in your work create fascinating tactile responses! What draws you to these surfaces?

Even if the artwork itself is abstract, I always aim to create something that almost feels tangible and real. Bonus point if I can make it look yummy.

Outside of the art world, what inspires you? 

People, nature and my travels.What have you been listening to lately?

This is my moment to shine! I create a playlist each year, this year’s playlist is called “Hindsight2020” and it’s just as chaotic as you’d expect it to be. For those who are more fond of chill vibes, I have just the thing for you. Search for “Chilly” with a little pepper on the cover that says “not fire” (but it really is).


How have you been finding staying creative during this challenging year?

At the first half of the year, I challenged myself to create (and post) something every single day. It really helped me with my creative flow and to figure out what my limits are. These days I try to keep it light and only post when I truly like the artwork.

One of our favourite Ódor works is your You’re Good Enough designs. How do you take care of your mental health in an industry full of pressures?

Thank you! I try to educate myself more on the subject and understand where some of my issues are rooted – something I managed to overcome is the fear of not appearing perfect and not putting out the best work. To me, it’s about finding the perfect balance between “I don’t like this but it’ll do” and “perfection”.

Nothing is going to please everybody, so I just try to put out stuff I like. I also found that starting my day off with a little bit of yoga helps set the tone for the day ahead. Highly recommend Kassandra on Youtube!

Let’s talk about your gorgeous print range launching with Evermade - they all seem to share a relaxing, soft ambience. What do you hope people will take from them?

I hope they will take exactly that! A relaxing, soft ambience. I believe that our surroundings play a major role in defining our mood. It’s an honour when people resonate with my style and they choose to decorate their space with my artworks.

Milla's full range of soft-focus prints are now available to purchase from Evermade.

You can explore more of Milla's 3D designs here!



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