Camille Walala

Artist Spotlight

Camille Walala is pushing interior design to a whole new realm through immersive installations, LEGO architecture, and patterns fit for living in.

As a self-proclaimed “purveyor of positivity”, Camille Walala is fiercely defying the notion that a building front, zebra crossing, or workplace has to be uniform and colourless. From her East-London studio, the textile design graduate has, quite literally, transformed urban spaces from all over the world into interactive sites of joy and play. Harnessing jubilant colour and geometric shapes plucked from her childhood, Walala’s is a design practice like no other.

Here at Evermade, we’ve loved watching Walala’s work evolve from its beginnings in textile design into the large-scale, eye-popping installations she's tackled in recent years. Perhaps no project encapsulates her move from micro to macro more perfectly than her recent collaboration with LEGO - a five-room installation inspired, and even partially composed, of miniature LEGO DOTS tile. After all, Walala understands better than most how simple 2D elements can be used to create larger than life spectacles. 

While the LEGO installation, erected at Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, features floor to ceiling playful patterning - and a slide(!) - her previous works have included an inflatable 'Walala Mansion' in Hong Kong and a seven-story mural for a Brooklyn building front. One need only glance at these projects to know that Walala is an artist who views the world slightly differently. To her, a vintage petrol station in Arkansas is another canvas waiting to be brought to life with exuberant graphics and colour. 

Although her public works have captured the imaginations of city residents and commuters world over, the French artist has never lost her flair for producing playful prints for living spaces. This year alone, Walala created a circle-centric artwork for Evermade's WWF Earth Hour edition - a strikingly patterned offering available for purchase from the link below. Even when working on a flat canvas, Walala finds a way to bring eye-catching geometric depth to the final piece.

Under a climate of lockdown, we've all been missing out on exploring city spaces - let alone the chance to attend a sensational new Walala installation. Luckily for us, Walala is finding ingenious ways to give us a fix of interactive architecture for the time being. Through her new 'Colouring In' collection, Walala has converted all of her most iconic building designs into black lined sketches, waiting to be customised.

Walala's new 'Colouring In' pages are available for download straight from her website, so you can try your hand at a new Walala creation, from the comfort of your own home. 

Camille's artwork titled Colour Life, with 100% profits of art print sales going to WWF.


You can check out more of Camille Walala's work here!
All images courtesy of Camille Walala. 


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