Bobbi Rae

Meet the artist

Bouncy bums, bright-blue boobs, and happy fart clouds; Bobbi Rae's cute cartoons are forever in the nude.

For our latest artwork series, Rainbow of Hope, we had the pleasure of working with Bobbi on a rainbow-inspired print. Discover her limited edition print below - with 100% of profits being donated to NHS Charities Together. 

When Bobbi Rae describes herself as "a stream of consciousness in the form of a fart cloud," it is, without a doubt, the most fitting slogan for an artist’s work we've seen. Throughout her career, the Yorkshire-based artist has committed to illustrating only the most cheeky, fun, and empowering of subjects in cartoon form. Nine times out of ten, this means drawing brightly-coloured characters - in all their naked, squishy glory - to raise a smile and turn body shame on its head. These final Disney-inspired characters have streaked their way across all manner of projects and products - including murals, zines, jumpers, ceramics, and even cakes (!).

Although, Bobbi's ever-ambitious ventures go beyond design alone. One of her most recent - and one of our absolute favourite - new projects is an interdisciplinary, female-fronted art event titled Taking Up Space - which, under lockdown, Bobbi is launching first as an online series of workshops. Take it from us, if you've ever coveted some top-notch skills in knitting or ceramics, Taking up Space is the perfect opportunity to start from the comfort of your own home.

While Bobbi's Mr. Men-esque creations could probably combat quarantine blues single-handedly, Taking Up Space is providing us all with some much-needed artistic encouragement this lockdown. We, for one, are seriously inspired. 

Describe your style in 3 words.

Happy naked lol


What’s in your art toolkit?

A blackwing pencil (if I'm feeling fancy), a couple of my favourite markers, posca pens, sketchbook, and an iPad!

Who was on your playlist whilst working on this project?

I share a studio with my partner who was working on some of his amazing nonsense tunes at the time:


Who are some artists you really admire at the moment? 

Jeff Cheung is one of my long time favourites, I also love Kirsty O Rourke. A lot of the artists that have contributed to this project are heroes of mine - which made it all the more special to take part in.

What are the positives you have come across during lockdown and how do you think it will change your point of view in the future?

A lot of people have got into self-care in a big way. That's always a great thing. I'm also really about the working from home culture, as a long term home worker and hater of unnecessary meetings. It's so much more efficient, better for the environment, and can allow workers a better home/life balance.


What are you looking forward to most when the lockdown is over?

Spending time with my family and friends, moving house and studio, McDonalds (not in that order).

What’s your message to health workers right now?

Thank you so much for all of the hard work that you have always put in. I'm sorry that it took a crisis for everyone to realise that you were already heroes.

As part of Evermade’s latest Rainbow of Hope series, Bobbi has contributed an artwork that’s cute, colourful, and the right amount of wholesome. “This print is designed to raise a smile,” Bobbi told us, “it serves as a little self-love reminder in a time where it’s never been sooooo important!” Her new print, titled Love me not, love me, features an uplifting message, a cheerful cartoon character, and flower patch kid flair - we are living for it.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, Bobbi’s limited edition print is available for purchase now - with 100% of the profits going directly to NHS Charities Together.

Bobbi's artwork titled Love me not, love me with 100% profits of art print sales going to NHS Charities Together.
You can check out more of Bobbi's work here!
Photo of artist courtesy of Tim Dunk. All other images courtesy of Bobbi Rae.


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