The Ultimate Culture Map of Melbourne by Jenni Sparks

Renowned for her playful hand-drawn maps, illustrator Jenni Sparks has once again collaborated with Evermade to create an intricately detailed map of Melbourne. After months of drawing and intensive visual research, Jenni has been able to capture to the essence of each unique Melbourne neighbourhood.

Jenni takes a refreshingly honest approach to map making by exploring off the beaten path and looking past the usual tourist traps. Everything from the local architecture, coastal ports, street food, typography and graffiti has been hand-drawn in Jenni’s effortlessly humorous style.albert park hand drawn map of melbourneIn a recent interview with Destination Melbourne, Jenni spoke about what she loved about visited and mapping Melbourne.

"Melbourne is interesting because it has a lot of history. To me, it seems like a city in the future - I was surprised at the amount of skyscrapers and also the big international student population. It really creates a progressive and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Being an artist myself, I was really pleased to see the emphasis on art and creativity in the city - there aren’t that many places that push that angle as something that makes the city what it is. Obviously the street art was amazing and I also loved the juxtaposition of the smaller laneways full of character with the big, broad streets - it created a lot of contrast and intrigue." - Jenni Sparks, illustratoralbert park hand drawn map of Melbourne by Jenni SparksHaving already drawn London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Berlin and Sydney; Melbourne is the latest addition to the series 5 years in the making.
hand drawn map of melbourne by jenni sparks_FitzroyJenni’s hand-drawn maps are not only design ‘must-haves’ but they provide a handy reference point as they are based around local public transport. Whether they adorn the creative workspace or pride of place at home, they are sure to get people talking!

Check out more of Jenni's work over on her instagram, website and in our store

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