Peter Judson

Meet the artist

Dive into the architectural arrangements of illustrator Peter Judson - an artist serving up sharp-lined, mathematical wonders. 

We've joined up with Peter for our latest print series, Rainbow of Hope, to create a print inspired by the rainbow. Check out the original piece below - it's available for purchase now with 100% of the profits going to NHS Charities Together.

If you’re the type to go nuts for satisfying, perspective-defying construction - and we at Evermade most definitely are - look no further. Judson’s puzzlingly pleasing landscapes turn building blueprints on their head and merge impossible interior design with pops of colour. Listing cityscapes and the environment as his inspiration, Judson has found the perfect source of inspiration in his metropolis home city, London. From this base, the designer and illustrator has built up an impressive portfolio of projects. He even recently bought his interior imaginings to life, designing post-modern benches for FiuFiu x Huge - a personal favourite of ours.

We know we're all getting a bit sick of looking at the same four walls, so let Judson take you on a journey of furnishing fantasy and interior ingenuity with his newest artwork, created with Evermade.

Who was on your playlist whilst working on this project?

It's been a bit more electronic recently a lot of Kraftwerk, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and a bit of Mr. Fingers.

Who are some artists you really admire at the moment? 

I'm loving the work of Archigram, a British architecture group that never built anything.

What are the positives you have come across during lockdown? How do you think it will change your point of view in the future?

The main area personally is the importance of social interactions and how much impact that has on your wellbeing. And on a more global scale the human capacity for kindness and an understanding that society is much less about us and them as it is about unity. But only time will tell if this is something we'll remember. 

What are you looking forward to most when the lockdown is over?

The pub.

What’s your message to health workers right now? 

Hopefully we won't forget you when this is all over.

In a typical Judson creation, you’d think there would be no room for organic forms. But for our Rainbow of Hope art series, the artist has incorporated the multi-coloured arc into an illustration that contrasts greyscale with bright hues. With Light & Dark, Judson hopes to communicate the concept of “context”: “I wanted to communicate how our highs can only be appreciated in contrast with our lows.” “If there is anything we can take from these deeply troubling times it's an appreciation of how darkness can amplify and focus the light,” he affirms.

You can purchase Judson’s captivating new print can below, 100% of the profits will be donated to NHS Charities Together. 

Peter's artwork titled Light & Dark, with 100% profits of art print sales going to NHS Charities Together.


You can check out more of Peter's work here.

Photo of artist courtesy of Femi. All other images courtesy of Peter Judson.


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