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Nathan Hussain’s nostalgic collages capture the spirit of your favourite coming of age film. 

For Rainbow of Hope, Evermade's latest artwork series, we came together with Nathan to create a design that re-imagines the rainbow. You can purchase his final uplifting collage below - with 100% of profits being donated to NHS Charities Together. 

If you were to blend a dream sequence from a 70s road movie, the colour palette of Spike Jonze, and the typeface from a vintage advert, you might get something close to the aesthetic of Nathan Hussain. But, you probably wouldn’t get much heart from such a concoction. Which, for Hussain, is the most important part.

The Newcastle-based art director, best known by the name AnalogbyNat, creates surreal collages featuring vividly saturated landscapes, analogue grain, and phrases to make you feel something. Here at Evermade, we could look at his cinematographic offerings all day - and we are but one of his many online fans. AnalogbyNat has amassed followers and features from across the globe - including attention from industry heavy-weights like Harley Davidson, Netflix, Forbes, and Coca-Cola, to name but a few. More recently, the designer has created artwork for Happy Vacation's newest album - a commission showcasing Nathan's signature mastery of colour, composition, and abstraction.

While Nathan's professional accolades continue to grow, his collaging practice still remains compellingly grounded in universal emotions. With each new offering, he interweaves positive affirmations and encourages us to step back, slow down, and feel something.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Collaborative, Nostalgic, Hopeful


What’s in your art toolkit?

Gut feeling! I let what feels right guide the process. 


Who was on your playlist whilst working on this project? Could you share your playlist with us?

I've been absolutely smashing Nick Mulvey's latest album. There's something about his words that make me reflect which is something I think is super important at the moment.

Who are some artists you really admire at the moment? 

My two inspirations at the moment are Brandon Nickerson and Jimmy Marble. Brandon is a graphic designer based in NYC who is producing some unbelievable typefaces at the moment. I just fell in love with the way he blends his typography with contemporary palettes. Jimmy Marble is my all-time favourite creative. I found him in my first year of college and his aesthetic really drove the direction I went in as a creative. Colour, composition and feel. You can find them at @bmnicks and @jimmymarble!

What are the positives you have come across during lockdown? How do you think it will change your point of view in the future?

I feel the main positive from lockdown is the chance it gives people to practice introspection. I've learnt a ton about myself as a creative and what I need to really fulfil my potential. I've learnt I'm a sucker for routine and getting out and about. I didn't realise how inspired I was by the general visuals of living until I've been shacked up in my spare room working haha. 

What are you looking forward to most when the lockdown is over?

A solid hour of competitive football with my pals. 

What’s your message to health workers right now?

Thank you for being the epitome of selfless.  

Just like many of his other offerings, Nathan’s latest piece - made as a part of our Rainbow of Hope series - sets out to “reflect the emotional bonds between us.” Nathan explained to us that his print seeks to convey “that although we are physically divided, it is our love for each other that holds us close.” The finished emotive piece titled We Are Never Really Apart is ethereal, iridescent, and quintessentially washed in nostalgia. Once again, Nathan manages to capture a universal mood, found in all of us this lockdown.

You can purchase AnalogyByNat’s limited edition print below - 100% of the profits from this Evermade series go straight to NHS Charities Together. 

AnalogbyNat's artwork titled We Are Never Really Apart, with 100% profits of art print sales going to NHS Charities Together.

Check out more of Nathan Hussain's work here.

All images courtesy of Nathan Hussain.


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