Tuomo Korhonen | A Decade of Change Artist Interview

LOVE, Tuomo Korhonen

Hi Tuomo!

What’s the message behind your piece in the collection, and what does it mean to you?

Love, we should use that word more, tell that to the people you care about, you never know when their day comes, you'll end up regretting not telling them afterwards, telling someone you love them and care about them doesn't cost you anything.



What, or who, influences your creative style and/or ethos?

All the people I follow influence my style, also movies and music is a big influence. I'm still looking for "my style" but I'm in no hurry, I'll find that eventually.


What is something that we wouldn’t know about you?

I'm a bit shy in real life, but my work allows me to get past that and express myself however I want.


Talk us through your design process, from the initial idea to finished piece.

The design process really varies depending on the piece. Sometimes I come up with a great idea and just start working on it right away on my computer, but sometimes I have to begin with sketching on paper and getting some ideas down, after that the process is the same until the end.


What is your biggest art pet peeve, and why?

Biggest art pet peeve, it has to be that people don't appreciate art as they should. Everyone thinks it's easy and anyone can do it, people also think art isn't worth anything and that makes working on this field more difficult. I also think that not every piece of work has to have a meaning, just make things that you like.



What are you most excited about at the moment?

I'm actually really excited about the world of 3D art, been learning about that lately and hope to get better and maybe get some client work.


Let’s talk more about A Decade of Change. What drew you to collaborate with us on this project?

I was approached by your team and asked if I was interested in your new project. You showed me what it was about and I had the perfect piece already ready for the project so it was an easy decision.


What would you like to change over the new decade?

I'd like to see people taking care and being more kind to each other in the new decade.


Find Tuomo's piece in the A Decade of Change collection here.

See more of Tuomo's work at www.tuomo.design, and follow him on Instagram @tuomodesign.
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