Interior glow-ups

A quick guide to home makeovers - on a budget

If you’ve got through lockdown without botch-shaving, dying, or bowl-cutting your hair, firstly, hats off to you - literally, you’ve won the prize of walking around without a hat this summer. Secondly, you must be in desperate need of something to makeover. We know we are, and our living rooms are looking primed and ready for a glow-up. 

For those strapped for cash, even the smallest change can bring a whole lot of joy into your home - and reinvigorate a routine that’s beginning to resemble cabin fever. Besides, local artists have never needed your support more and a print purchase could make a massive difference to their business. The pros of refreshing your space are endless - or at least they are to those of us desperately itching to buy another Macramé

Although, after a couple of months stuck indoors, creative ideas can run dry. So we’ve got together some of our favourite room aesthetics, artworks, and product ideas - in five distinct decor styles - to get those Home Makeover juices flowing, no matter how extreme you plan on taking it.

1. In search of a Scandinavian haven 

The best part about this aesthetic is that minimalism is the key. Even the most simple changes, like recovering old pillows, can have a big impact. One look at these notably Nordic interiors proves that your decor can stick to a subdued palette, but still grab the eye - just like Ebba Zingmark's beautiful space below.

Our Woodblock Treeprints and geometric pillows are a monochrome match made in heaven for this Scandi style. Not only do they add touches of texture to a room, but they always pop when placed against some leafy houseplants.

2. Channelling artistic energy

We’ve all seen those IG-ready rooms that look plucked from a French new wave film - always finished with some delectable 70s decor additions. For this aesthetic, the devil is in the detail. Artwork like this sepia vision from James Wilson or the intricate Nurture Nature by Hello Marine is a perfect match. Instead of hanging them, try grouping together framed prints on a set of drawers with candle holders - although perhaps not too close, fire safety people!

Vintage vases in olive and tinted brown are another must. We love Hannah Louise's room inspo above (featuring our print Lean in Love) and how she swaps out plants for vases with tall dried flowers! For ceramics, think ashtrays - to fit the look and hold keys. These playful pottery pieces by Alice Stewardson are great for holdings stems and trinkets, but charity shop purchases are not to be underestimated for this interior mood.

3. Picking the perfect print for at-home offices

To create a space conducive to concentration, deciding on decor can be tricky. But it all comes down to blending functionality with your aesthetic goals. If your whiteboard is looking a bit sterile, try elevating the wall space around it with prints, mood boards, organisers, or a minimalist year planner. Don't forget, moving prints close to natural light sources can brighten the room if you’re constricted by space!

For wall hangings, pieces like Jenni Spark's intricate map range, Steffi Lynn's inspirational offerings, or Coco Lom's peaceful print are all tried and tested sources of tranquility on a Monday morning. Here's to getting in the zone.

4. Brilliantly bold bedrooms for kids

For kid’s or teenager’s rooms, a small tin of paint can send a space from dull to creative seamlessly - and it doesn’t have to mean a full-on paint job for those picturing stained carpets and streaky walls. Instead, pick one accent in the room to decorate - even a radiator if you can get your hands on radiator specific paint - but remember to lay down some masking tape for clean edges!

For prints, our Zoo Portraits or Safari Collection (featured in Lyndsay's utterly enchanting nursery above) can bring funny characters and friends up onto the walls instead of only in toys - especially when paired as a set. If you want to make a space truly set for adventures, affordable additions like fairy lights, ceiling stars, and chalkboard hangings all add immersive final touches.

5. More is more: plant potters, pastels, and patterns

Here at Evermade, we’re a sucker for layering patterns and colour combinations - which is why we're head over heels for Geraldine Tan's incredibly vibrant design work (shown above featuring the Her Name is Joy print). If you’re looking to dial up any overlooked parts of your home, try emblazoning unexpected areas with patterns! Whether it’s through coasters, tea towels, ornaments, or plants pots (like these delectable products by Paul Farrell, Katherine Plumb, Francesca Tiley, and Mai Accents) or a whole wallpaper panel (like this statement piece by Diane Bresson) there are always ways to squeeze in more colour.

If you’re an artbook collector, try bringing your brightly-coloured books off the shelf and onto coffee tables - or find a frame to hang up your favourite, tucked-away postcards for all to see. Remember, your decor doesn't have to be brand new to be a glowing interior rebrand.

Header image courtesy of Dr. Geraldine Tan of @littlebigbell. Discover her design blog for even more creative inspiration here.



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Caroline Dowsett

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