Marta Veludo | A Decade of Change Artist Interview

A Decade of Hope, Marta Veludo

Hi Marta! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I call myself a Visual Wizard, always chasing magic and play! I am a graphic designer and art director. My work touches a lot of mediums but lately is focused more on branding (always fun branding!). I do work on personal projects and more arty ones too - I can say I am pretty lucky! Normally I use the personal work to develop and experiment for later use in commercial projects. I have my own studio - my play area - and I love to collaborate with other creatives! 


What, or who, influences your creative style and/or ethos?

I am easily influenced by everything around me, from the boots of the fish seller to a new drop of Lazy Oaf collection or a Stedelijk piece.

What is something that we wouldn’t know about you?

Oh my! That I like to dance alone and ground coffee is one of my favourite smells!  

Talk us through your design process, from the initial idea to the finished piece.

I normally work on concepts, then I research a look and feel - a lot of research actually! - I like to create a mood and environment for the concept.



What is your biggest art pet peeve, and why?

My art pet peeve... I don't have one I have one to be honest!

What are you most excited about at the moment?

At the moment I am super excited about the development of eco materials and design in a cool and sustainable way, and of course super excited about this new Gen Z - conscious young people that are speaking louder and louder and slowly making a change!

Let’s talk about A Decade of Change. What drew you to collaborate with us on this project?

I got really excited to have the chance to think about this last decade and translated into an artwork. I think every decade has special moments, but this decade has been challenging!

What’s the message behind your piece in the collection, and what does it mean to you? What would you like to change over the new decade?

This piece is called A Decade of Hope. I wanted to show that besides everything is happening and happened, pieces are still in balance. A thin line of equilibrium, that feels that if some move an inch everything will fall. Maybe that will happen, HOPEFULLY not! This new generation shows us that hope exists, but nothing will change if in the equation there isn't ACTION!


Lastly, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I think I already have one - I am a freelance designer, a mum, and a lover. Being everything in one it really requires superpowers! If I could add one, would be time traveling, fast and forward!


Find Marta's work for A Decade of Change here.


See more of Marta's work at and follow Marta on Instagram @martaveludo!


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