Lynnie Z


Illustrator Lynnie Z transports us to a realm where sensual androgyny, femme fatales, and to-the-socket eyeshadow reign. 

As part of our latest artwork series, Rainbow of Hope, Evermade joined up with Lynnie Z to create a rainbow-inspired print - and we’re donating 100% of the profits to NHS Charities Together. You can discover her original artwork below, available for purchase now.

When Lynnie Z says her process stems from spontaneity, she speaks the truth. Above all, we think her fearless images feel intuitive. Seizing ink, paint, or pens, the Kingston-graduate imagines an exotic world of bewitching figures - all composed of voluptuous line work and decisive brush strokes. While impulse might guide her process, Lynnie Z’s impressive accolades can only be chalked up to expertise. Throughout her career, the East-London image-maker has worked with the likes of Apple, Coca Cola, MAC Cosmetics, and Taschen - but has never once lost the romantic or daring quality of her muses.

To scroll through Lynnie Z’s Instagram oeuvre is to dive into the female psyche itself. By stripping all excess elements from her images - whether they be spare pen lines or clothes - Lynnie Z lays bare the mysterious magnetism of women. 

Describe your style in 3 words.

 Sensual, Bold, Impulse


What’s in your art toolkit?

All the poscas, all the inks

Who are some artists you really admire at the moment?

Mel Odom, Ohni Lisle, Lisa Brice


What are the positives you have come across during lockdown and how do you think it will change your point of view in the future?

The power of the human spirit! And how resourceful and creative people can be, both in the community and in their personal approach. We rarely get a chance to re-evaluate how we live, and right now we have a great opportunity to make a difference, big or small, throughout everything we do. There’s a consciousness that has evolved that we can’t turn back from, I’m hopeful that this is the turning point.

What are you looking forward to most when the lockdown is over?

Dancing with my loved ones, cheek to cheek.


Could you share your playlist for the Rainbow of Hope project with us?

What's your message to health workers right now?

I love you! Your sacrifice, generosity, and courage knows no bounds. I am immensely grateful for all that you do.

Under lockdown, Lynnie Z's emboldening creations have never felt more inspiring - making for an empowering addition to our 'Rainbow of Hope' series. Through her rich, evocative offering titled No Bounds, Lynnie Z told us she wants to “radiate a universal sense of hope through simple and symbolic bold imagery” while “integrating depictions of empathy.” With No Bounds, Lynnie Z truly takes us somewhere over the rainbow.

To take home Lynnie Z’s stand-out artwork, and donate to NHS Charities Together, you can purchase ‘No Bounds’ below.

Lynnie Z's artwork titled No Bounds, with 100% profits of art print sales going to NHS Charities Together.


You can check out more of Lynnie Z's work here. 

All images courtesy of Lynnie Z.


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