James Wilson | Earth Hour Artist Interview

Tell us about yourself?

Creating contemporary minimal pieces using inks and pens to capture the human form and natural world. Translating art into multiple tangible forms including; prints, etchings, jewellery, ceramics, and textiles

Opening up the discussion for social and political issues through original work using satirical or hyperbolic titles, exploring relationships and social dynamics, and often turning to single line drawings to represent the connection we all have with each other 

What’s the title of your art piece?

‘We All Live Here Together’

What’s the meaning/thinking behind your art piece?

If everyone just forgot about their own trivial problems and actually focused that energy or attention on the big issue here - their surroundings, their community, their environment, their future, etc, or if each person made even the smallest eco-change that would have a really big impact for all of us. We are all in this together

Describe your style in 3 words.

Contemporary, Emotive, Human

Who's on your playlist while working on this project?

I actually tend to listen to podcasts and watch ‘Binging with Babish’ on YouTube. However some of the  music artists or bands I like and listen to would be Strange Boys, Mac Demarco, Allah Las, The Growlers, Flight of The Conchords and Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz album


Where & what will you be doing at this year’s Earth Hour on 28th March 2020?

We are actually away that week, taking our children camping near the coast. So we will probably be doing something with the boys like feeding the swans and ducks on the lagoon or cooking some food, perhaps letting them toast some marshmallows. Weather and daylight dependent

If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be and why?

Probably get rid of fossil fuels. I mean that’s one of the realistic things to do



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