Introducing Jenni Sparks

Jenni Sparks is an illustrator, designer, map maker, and typography designer based in East London. Her bold and stylish illustrations adorn creative spaces and homes across the world. Not only a talented map maker, Jenni has also lent her skills to creating exclusive prints, pins and clothing. Jenni takes a refreshingly honest approach to map making by exploring off the beaten path and looking past the usual tourist traps. Jenni has a unique perspective and ability to distill so much detail into her hand-drawn maps. They are not only brimming with details, but also her signature humour and wit. When embarking on a new map, Jenni begins an intense process of research.

Jenni_Sparks_research_project“I think in order to capture the true nature of a place, you can’t just look at any one thing. When I visit a new city, I’m looking at the street signage, the architecture, the food, even what the bins look like! I’m searching for all these little details to include that could be easily overlooked” - Jenni Sparks“One of the most important parts of my map making is meeting with residents and trying to discover the city through their eyes. There is no way that I can truly know what it’s like to be a local in such a short amount of time, so that’s why I’m so keen to talk to the locals and rely on their knowledge to help me complete each map”
Jenni’s artfully doodled maps have caught the attention of the world, having been featured by the likes of Fabulous Magazine, Ramona Magazine, Dezeen, Buzzfeed and The Urban List. 

From the first map of London, Jenni has continued her globe-trotting adventure to map Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and Melbourne. It’s been a joy to have collaborated with Jenni to create this exclusive collection of maps!

View the full collection here.



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