Introducing Hannah Alice

London based illustrator Hannah Alice has a talent for creating curious depictions of nature. Her clean, minimal designs fit perfectly into any modern interior. Hannah’s clever use of watercolour textures lend her illustrations a warm and gentle tone.

“I like to explore how we can communicate information and ideas especially through the process of learning through play.” - Hannah Alice

“I work mostly in illustrator and I start roughly throwing down what I’m going to draw and then start to figure out textures and elements I want to add into the piece. It then goes through a lot of jiggling, refining and tweaking until that moment where It just clicks!” - Hannah Alice

We collaborated with Hannah to create an exclusive range of prints for kids, under the theme of the animal kingdom. The three ranges - Safari, Woodland Animals and Dinosaurs - are all designed using the same colour palette, meaning you can mix-and-match between them.

“I really love to draw animals and birds. I like the challenge of figuring out their form and working out how to translate that into the simplest version of itself with just a few simple shapes and textures.” - Hannah Alice

We’ve also worked with Hannah to create designs inspired by Brighton and London. Available as a pair of cushions and a pair of complementary patterned notebooks. Check out Hannah's work on her website, instagram and our store

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