Craig & Karl

Earth Hour Artist Interview

Craig Redman and Karl Maier live in different parts of the world (New York and London) but collaborate daily to create bold work that is often filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and humorous way. They've exhibited across the world and have worked on projects with LVMH, Google, Nike, Apple, Tate Modern, Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and The New York Times.


What’s the title of your art piece?

Growing Awareness

What’s the meaning/thinking behind your art piece?

We wanted to do something that combined nature and humanity to act as a symbol of our interconnectedness. We arrived at this image of a flower with an eye at its centre, the design of the iris repeated and fanning out to create the final form. The underlying message is that through our collective and expanding awareness, we can start to have a positive impact on the planet.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Bold, colourful, optimistic.

Who's on your playlist while working on this project?

Running episodes of a podcast called Time Sensitive.

Where & what will you be doing at this year’s Earth Hour on 28th March 2020?

It's looking very likely that we'll all be indoors.

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