Ideas & Tips: Alternative Ways To Hang Your Art Print

So you bought an amazing print months ago, but you just haven’t got round to framing it and it’s fast becoming unloved, gathering dust in the corner. If the thought of trying to find a mountable companion for your piece of art is enough to give you nightmares, then take a look at our alternative ways to display your decor!

Metal Clips

Handy to keep your papers organised and now super useful when it comes to hanging your prints too! Easy to find in any arts supplier or supermarket, choose black, coloured or silver for a more stylised look. Simply attach one or two clips along the top edge of the print, put a small nail through each hole or hang with fishing wire and voilà!


For a totally minimal approach try using tails or pins on their own to hang your art. You may need to evaluate the size of the print and choose the pins accordingly, but ultimately they are a totally fuss-free way to secure the paper to the wall without being too noticeable or leaving any great big dents!

Wire grids

These are creeping onto inspiration blogs everywhere right now and there’s a good reason, they look great! You’ll need to get some clips too of course (a lot come with these included), but wire boards are perfect for the indecisive among us, as they allow you to come up with endless composition combinations which you can change every day if you really have to! For the less daring pick up a small one for postcards and smaller prints, or be brave and go for a great big grid wall you can clip posters, planners and prints to!

Wooden Hangers

A slight retro feel with these and you do have to be careful the chunky body doesn’t hide any important bits of your artwork! These work really nicely with vintage style prints and give life to quite plain pieces, choose from light or dark wood to compliment to the colours you are displaying! Snap hangers work in a similar vain to the classic hanger, with an added bonus of securing your print with a magnetic grip, choose one or two depending on what you think looks best! Hang with some string from a centrally positioned nail, a sensible non-distracting height above your print.

Washi Tape

You may not be totally keen on the idea of sticking your beloved print up with tape, but this stuff will be your new best friend! Gone are the days of sticky, thick cellotape or the pathetically weak masking variety, washi is strong and sassy! Available in loads of super cool designs, it can even add a decorative border to your print adding aesthetic value! Peeling off easily, with just the right amount of adhesive you can position your print, washi in hand and away you go!

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By Cara Bray

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