Diane Bresson

Earth Hour Artist Interview

Tell Us About Yourself

I’m Diane, I’m French but I’ve been in London for a few years now. I work mainly in screen printing and then I scan them in. I don’t have a specific area I work for, so I feel my prints and patterns could go anywhere


What’s the title of your art piece?

Earth tones. The name comes from half tones, which is used in screen printing to create imagery because you can’t use gradients, you have to dots. I use a lot of these dots in my artwork in a more abstract way. So for the artwork for this project I’ve used them as well, so it was a play on the words.



Describe your style in 3 words

Colourful, Optical, Geometric


Who’s on your playlist while you’re working on this project?

I really like Max Cooper, he’s an electronic artist who works a lot with visuals. Four Tet, Alice Coltrane as well. I have a very different taste in music but when I’m working I try to stick with slower songs.


Interpretation of the brief and idea behind your piece so far

As I was saying I work with half tones which is basically a gradient of dots, the idea was to fit within the brief how we can all make a difference, each person separately is only just a tiny dot when it comes together it can create something much bigger


What’s in your art toolkit?

Paint, lots of paint, newsprint to cut out stencils, obviously a computer, then all the usual screen printing equipment


Where is your favourite place to source inspiration for your work?

I feel like inspiration comes from lots of different places, it’s hard to pin point. I quite like recreational mathematics, a lot of it is very geometric. There is a man called Martin Gardner, who wrote for the Scientific American for ages and it was all about puzzles & mathematics and wrote about the time gram which I used in one of my projects. I think it’s interesting to see how visual mathematics can be, so I use a lot of his work in my work, even though I’m not very good at mathematics, it’s more the initial concept


What drew you to this brief?

The idea behind it, everything is going to charity and the template that all the artists are following. The idea that each one of us can make a difference, it’s a really good concept that I can get behind, I feel like I’m doing my little bit by taking part in this project as well



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