Introducing Kimberly Sander

Using the traditional method of woodblock printing, Kimberley Sander’s organic prints are influenced by visual detail found outdoors. Her work is an exploration of the beauty found in organic objects and an expression of her two passions - biology and art.

Using a process called woodcutting, she is able to showcase the fascinating shapes and patterns found in the natural formation of trees. With her father an artist and her mother a garden designer, growing up with creative parents was always going to play a huge part in shaping Kimberley’s future.

After pursuing artistic subjects through school and college, Kimberley decided to study Anatomy and Physiology at University. Lending her eye for detail to scientific research, Kimberley soon started to notice the ever present connection between art and science, discovering the natural colours, shapes and textures that appeared in the organisms she was studying.

“There is so much visible and hidden beauty in the natural world that is often taken for granted. The amount of different colours, shapes and textures is so vast that there is a constant source of inspiration. Life, and the way organisms work and interact fascinates me, and being able to translate that into a piece of art that people can hang in their homes and admire is fantastic.”

The process of woodblocking captivated Kimberly, and she began experimenting with carving directly into the wood itself to mimic the natural ring formations of trees. Carving the wood is an arduous process, and one piece can take anywhere from 6 to 16 hours to complete.

The most rewarding part of the process to Kimberley is the grand unveiling of each print, peeling the paper off the wood to discover a wonderfully inked impression underneath.

Kimberly’s Tree Prints are a great way to bring the outdoors in, and come in a variety of species of tree. Each print showcases the beauty and detail which can be found in the natural formation of wood.